The aim of the move-school is to exchange ideas and principles about human movement and its wide-ranging potential. We want our students to develop an intelligent and efficient movement practice to prepare their bodies for real life.

No matter what level you have

Are you a high-performance athlete and have a tendency to get injured easily or are you already feeling your body is becoming damaged by your sport practice?


You need physical training which prepares your whole body to deal with whatever you do today and also what you will want to achieve tomorrow. Are you a recreational athlete and want to regain control over your body and develop your overall movement capacities?


MOVE-School concentrates on the principles behind human motion which are common to everybody. We often forget that, as humans, we are characterized by a wide-ranged movement capacity. Whether your goal is to become number one in your sport, be able to carry your grandchild, avoid injuries at work or even to live without suffering from chronic pain, your body needs to be prepared and trained. We are here to help you achieve these goals.

No matter how old you are

We allow our children to specialize too soon in a specific sporting activity because of the hard competition in today's sports. Maybe it is the only way to make champions out of them, but we have to take into account that most of them will never reach this level in competition. Most of them will end up injured, demotivated or disinterested and will leave a whole palette of movement capacities behind them. They also are today's adults who join the fitness clubs, not out of passion, but because it is the most accessible way to stay healthy and physically fit. Unfortunately, they will never be able to regain the freedom in motion they experienced as children. Movement used to be a game. Why did we let it become a duty?


Our educational and physical training approach is based on the natural learning techniques of the human mind: play and interact. Nowadays there is very little room left for playing. However, playing and communicating through movement allowed us to evolve and develop since the beginning of humanity. Instead of being a loss of time playing is our best learning tool.

Our school is based in switzerland, but we would like to share our experiences with the world and we are looking for partners to host workshops

Movers out there, you are welcome to join us!

Next year we will provide an international workshop. More information coming soon!


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