Movement is not an option!

Our primal ancestors were much more connected to nature and the animal kingdom than we are today. They lived in a natural, irregular and unstructured environment where the only daily worry was to survive. Their survival depended on how they moved. They needed endurance to walk for hours, speed to hunt, agility to climb, to crawl, to hang, to jump, to roll, strength to carry, push and pull, creativity to build and sharpen their senses to their natural environment and predators. Movement was a necessity and, because of our vast movement capacities and our complex body shape, we became what we are today. The human movement complexity is the reason for our brain development and the particular shape of all our joints and structures. Through time we became the best movers on earth. Nowadays, we are destroying several millions of years of movement evolution by immobilizing ourselves in a few unique positions and reducing our complex capacities to a few poor motion patterns derived from bipedal walking to build our “super athletic” bodies. Meanwhile, the natural need for diverse, reactive, naturally effective and complex movement completely disappeared out of our lives. Movement became fancy sports we drill our bodies to, either to compete against each other or turn off our highly stressed brains after a long day at work. Most humans have lost their entire freedom of motion. We exercise to feel better, to look more fit or to pursue individual athletic goals, but does all this training nourish our bodies with the right amount of natural movement that it needs? Does this training protect us from future injuries? Are we able to adapt quickly in new movement situations? Can you dance? Can you fight? Can you climb, swim and run for hours? I see you have great looking muscles… but what kind of muscles do you have? And overall, what kind of patterns do you have? Can you flip? Can you invert? Can you use these complex motion patterns to overcome unstable, complicated situations? How is your coordination? How is your movement efficiency? Do you train daily all these facets of your movement abilities? You will certainly say it’s impossible to find the time to train all these things! And that is because you were educated to look at movement through the glass of “sports”, of “exercise”. My answer is, there is no sport or exercise setting that will provide all the nourishing movements you need to stay healthy. Even if you own an Olympic medal, you will suffer from various injuries and you will pay the price for movement specification. You will also pay a price if you are specialized in sitting or standing all day. But it is never too late to react and change the way you are looking at movement and the way you are exercising. You don’t need a teacher to show you how to train. The answer is still there, deep in you, in your primitive nature. Look at animals, they keep doing what we used to do for millions of years. They struggle and they play most of the time. We don’t know what it means to play anymore. We think that playing is the complex game the sport teacher taught us at school. But playing in movement is way more than that. It is a preparation for real life. It is a preparation of our bodies to adapt in complex movement situations. It is training for our cells, for our nervous system, for our blood system, for our brains and last but not least it is a cure for our joints, tissues and immune system.


Are you tired of always exercising the same way? Are you sick of carrying injuries with you? Do you want to develop a more global and healthy movement practice? Do you want to regain this freedom of motion you were experiencing when you were a child? Do you want to discover the full potential of your body and push yourself further?

Then move with us.