Want a performant body? Let's MOVE!


Do you know how to prevent future injuries?


How many movement patterns do you know?


And how many of those do you use in your daily life?


Are you truly in control of your body and your movements?

MOVE-School is the first School in Switzerland which devotes itself to the research and teaching of the principles, concepts and techniques behind human movement.

Join us and become a mover!


Want to learn how to move right? Doesn't matter how old you are. It's never too late! The MOVE-School gives you the opportunity to learn how to protect your joints, avoid future injuries and how to activate all your movement capacities in order to gain more freedom and benefit from your entire physical and nerve potential.


MOVE is a new physical training method which allows you to develop your entire physical and nerve potential in order to become more efficient, reactive, adaptive and healthy for your athletic training or in your daily life.


Click below to find out more about our movement school, our methods, philosophy and our research.


Join the movement!